Making Conversation

i am going to need y’all to follow my stories this week. my grandmother is the boss. she will let you know her being the boss is not up for discussion.
i asked grandma, “what were you cooking/ making back there.” (Thinking I was making conversation.)

She replies, “Don’t ask me what I made. You will eat whatever I made. I do not remember ever asking my mother what she was making.”

Thankfully, i am a faithful user of Black Jamaican Castor hair grease. my edges are intact. 
Good People i know i have asked this question before and it was all good but not today. needless to say, i ate all my food, though i was satisfied before my plate was clean. i was not about to get the beat down for being disrespectful.  Not today. In this part of the world, you eat everything that is prepared. Dare you not to and the comments and looks will commence.

Grandma is happy and now knocked out in recliner. Until tomorrow Good People, be well.

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