homecoming means that the Black body, the Black mind, the Black spirit, Blackness is free to be Black in all its forms, volumes, and sizes.

i stand among crowds of Black bodies gazing and people watching. my gaze is Black. i see Black bodies that are free and uninhibited. i see Black bodies breathing. i see Black souls at ease. i see Black spirits laughing. i see people who are filled with joy for the annual tradition of greeting and welcoming friends and family. in this sacred space Black bodies wear what they want how they want. they play whatever music they want how loud they want. they talk how they want as loud as they want. it is all good. in this space the Black body is beautiful, powerful, whole and complete. the Black body is not policed. (i dare you to try.)

i pray that this moment we call homecoming sustains the Black body and strengthens the Black body to survive these American streets. i pray the circle of love is enough to get the Black body through until the next time.

i wrote this brief reflection while at homecoming. i found myself tearing up while dancing. i quickly understood what was happening. this has happened before to me. in these sacred spaces i pause to pray and to thank God. i know that in these moments my people are breathing. my people’s blood pressure is down. my people are not worrying. my people are safe.

one love. one heart. let’s get together and feel alright. give thanks and praise to the Lord and i will feel alright.


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2 responses to “homecoming

  1. Burnette

    Beautiful. You captured it, Mar.

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