this february was not half bad. in fact, it might have been amazing. usually february  is one of the grayest months for me, but this february there were many the sun showed up. i noted many times in my journal that the sun was out and i was feeling good. i even managed to get up, get out of my bed and stay out of my bed most weekends during the month of february. (unheard of.) hallelujah! it is phenomenal to be at this point in the winter, a mild winter) and not be struggling with the woes of depression. hallelujah!

now time for the list i easily made this morning to affirm how great february 2016 was for me.

  • Ava DuVernay hearted one of my tweets and replied to my tweet to her!
  • Awesomely Luvvie liked my reply to her tweet and sent me a couple of tweets back!
  • white chocolate Reese’s pieces cup come out but once year. i got my year’s supply!
  • i sent out my save the date (details later)
  • frederick douglass  was featured on the google banner. (he and Ida B. Wells part in the hair was the truth.)
  • Dr. Carla Hayden has been nominated to head the Library of Congress! she will be the first woman and the first African American to oversee the 214 year old library.
  • Morgan State University’s  band, my Alma mater, performed at the White House!
  • Morgan State University received the largest individual donation from and AA couple!
  • Morgan State University received first ever full patent for new technology!
  • Gloria Ladson-Billings, Morgan State alumnae, is number 5 of 200 scholars recognized as most influential scholars in education. Linda Darling Hammond also came in the top ten!
  • Western Doves basketball team won the championship!
  • Maxwell is dropping a new album this summer (hush your mouth)
  • United Nations discussing reparations
  • i have a new snuggly
  • i was able to pay all my bills on time this month in full! my rent is paid!

how excellent!


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5 responses to “february

  1. Donnice

    Celebrate the big and small items!!!

  2. mel

    Praise God for a bright February and for the return of solodynamite!!!

  3. Sherrell

    I love that February was wonderful for you and our community. \

  4. Leslye

    And the rest of us got a new blog post! And yes, your February was amazing!

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